Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Day!

Well, I am SUPER excited to report that dad went through the WHOLE night with NO FEVER!!!! YAY!!! This is AWESOME news!!  He is in good spirits today and feeling pretty good!  Bradley and I just took a VERY LONG and scenic walk with him and he did really well- even went up stairs and he didn't really get too winded- in fact, he said he had an easier time with the stairs today than he was having with the ones at home before they left!!
If this good news continues and he continues to not run any fever then they are going to let him leave on Monday!!  :) So thank you to all of you for your prayers - they are working!!!  Keep it up! :) 
Love to all!


  1. Praise God, Praise God, Praise God, so excited to hear. Hopefully the exercise and foot soaks will help to wash the excess fluid from his foot. He sounded good on the phone this morning. Love and miss you, kisses and hugs to all.

  2. Oh FYI, this week I went to the natiional donor site that you have the link listed for, answered all the questions got my kit swabbed my cheeks and got it back in the mail. I encourage everyone to register :) Thanks you for all the support and prayers. Maureen

  3. Thank you JESUS...I am so glad to know that Mel had a good night!! May God continue to bless Him with his healing hands...y'all are in my thoughts and you
    IN HIS GRIP-Jamie

  4. Jessica,
    I'm so glad that your dad is having a good day! All your news is encouraging. Give my son a big hug for me and I'm so glad that he is there for a couple of days.
    Love, Carolyn

  5. Jessica -
    Claudia S here! So good to hear that Melvin had a good night. Hopefully, the "bumps" in the road are smoothing out. My father says to tell Melvin that he is so pleased with this news as well.
    Also, saw Fr. Frank (of St. Anselm) this PM. He was pleased to hear the news and said to tell Melvin that he continues to pray for him.
    Keep up the good work - your dad is sooooo lucky to have you - but somehow I think that he has been a good dad to you as well.

  6. Mel sounded so good on the phone tonight, he was more worried about Jessica spending time with Bradley. He wanted to make sure she had some quality time with Bradley. The best son in law ever! He is a good daddy and she is an great daughter!