Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another GREAT day!

Hi Everyone!!

Very happy to report another restful night and day!!  Last night was smooth sailing and we even both SLEPT IN this morning- YAY!!  Today Bobbie and I have been helping him with the jigsaw puzzle and hanging out.  Sarah came by for a visit and her and I serenaded dad and Bobbie with our BEAUTIFUL vocal stylings (in case you are reading this and have never been graced by our singing you should know we have voices like ANGELS!!) - LOL!!! (not AT ALL) - so that was good for a LAUGH!

Then after Sarah left dad and I took to the backyard to shave his head, because last night we realized that it is falling out in chunks, so instead of decorating Bobbie's house with it we thought we may as well get rid of it all ;) lol!  He looks GREAT!  I always thought bald suited him anyway ;)

He has had a dull headache all day but other than that he is doing really well.  

This week Lisa and the guys from the hall and others have done an AMAZING job with FOUR drives for dad - 2 for stem cell donor registry and 2 for blood - the last of which is about to start now for tonight so if you are in the NOLA area and want to donate blood, head on over to the hall! :) 

Monday evening they had 32 come out to donate blood. On Tuesday evening they had 38 sign up as stem cell donors and last night they had an additional 33 sign up as stem cell donors. Tonight they are doing the blood drive again and are expecting somewhere around 20 - 30 more blood donors. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH TO EVERYONE who helped, donated, and registered - we LOVE you for it!!!!!

Everything is set up for the stem cell drive on May 23 at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Destrehan. It will be from 8am - 8pm. Lisa will be sending out an email soon so everyone who wants to volunteer to work the drive can sign up.

Members of the hall and students  took up a collection to help defray the cost of the stem cell testing. They collected $500. An additional $150 was donated by a few more individuals. $50 has been collected so for to help defray the cost of the stem cell drive at St. Charles Borromeo.  If you would like to join in please contact my Aunt Lisa and she will happily accept your donations ;) 

Well, in other news, Bradley and Chachi will be arriving in Houston tomorrow night (YAY!!!) and we will be staying the nights over at Sarah and Sidney's house (about 15 minutes away). Then I think Bobbie is planning to have everyone over for a BBQ on Sunday - and I am CRAVING Gary's AMAZING BBQ chicken ALREADY!!! 

Thanks so much again to EVERYONE for all of your love, prayers, and support!!!
Love to ALL!


  1. Hard to believe that last Friday Kay and I were traveling to TX because of his fever. So excited that he's had a few good days in a row and I believe many many more to come. Love and Miss you both, thanks for taking such a wonderful daughter XXXO! Maureen

  2. Glad to hear that your dad has been having some good days - I am going to set up time to go and give blood in his name sometime next week - will try and get some of my friends to do the same here in Franklinton. Give him my love and prayers - Your Cousin - Jackie

  3. Jessica - Great news! Bottle whatever it is that you are doing for dad. Hopefully those little pesky "bumps" will continue to smooth out. Your mom is so right - you are such a wonderful daughter. But then again, mom and dad are truly great as well. What an incredible experience that you are having in spending such time with dad. My father (Alain) says to tell Melvin hello and hang in there. Keep it up! Claudia

  4. Thanks so much guys!!!!!!! and thank you so much for giving blood Jackie - that is SOOO AWESOME of you!!!!!!! xoxo jessica