Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dad's Appointment Today!

Hey Everyone!
I just spoke with mom and dad as they were leaving his leukemia specialist appointment and it was all in all, good news :)
His counts were still looking good, red and hemo counts are up but white came down a little - but that was something they anticipated with stopping the shots so that isn't "alarming".
He is going to get to GO HOME WITH MOM TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!! That is the best part of the news!  The not "as fun" part is that he can stay home about a week but then has to check back in at MD Anderson on Thursday for another 4 day round of chemotherapy as an inpatient- more to be on the safe side after seeing some abnormalities on his bone marrow sample since it was so aggressive before, than anything else.  After the 4 days of treatment, if all is well and assuming there isn't a donor scenario ready to go then he will get to go home again and be monitored with blood work/ testing there until a donor can be located and readied :)
So please continue your prayers for the effectiveness of the chemo and for a donor match to happen FAST!
I know they will LOVE their time at home getting to feel "normal" again!!  Please pray for their safe travels tomorrow as well! :) 
Love to all!


  1. What great news! I know that Fr. Frank and all St. Anselm parish continues to pray for Melvin. Keep us posted! Claudia S

  2. Jess, I just talked to Cami and she brought me up to speed on what's happening with your dad. All of you are in my thoughts and prayers. My parents live in The Woodlands north of Houston and Jonathan's family is in the city, roughly 15 minutes from the medical center. If we can help in any way, please let me know. Love you much.