Saturday, May 8, 2010

Still in the Hospital

Well, they finally get dad into a room last night and mom stayed overnight with him in the room.  Dan and Kay are on the road back to New Orleans- please pray for their safe travels.  Dad's fever spiked to 102 last night before they finally gave him Tylenol - that was able to keep it at bay for the rest of the night and mom said that he slept pretty well, all things considered.  His fever came back bright and early this morning however and has been in the 99.somethings all day.  They docs are considering changing his antibiotics again to see if that will help control the fever.  So far we have some of the test results back that have all come up negative for infection, but we are still waiting on a few others.  Continue praying and I will update you again later this afternoon :)
Love to all!


  1. Jessica - Saw Fr. Frank at St. Anselm this PM. He contines to pray for Melvin as do many of my freinds at church. Keep strong - remember the fever is a "bump" in the road. And, as you said "OMG - 90 potential matches". Someone is watching and praying. Tell dad and mom hello. Claudia

  2. The fever finally broke after spiking at 102.2 he is on his second unit of blood. All I want for mother's day tomorrow is no fever :) thanks for the prayer love maureen

  3. I will be praying that your Mother's Day wish comes true, Maureen. God Bless You Both!
    Love, Carolyn