Sunday, May 2, 2010

Looking like we should be able to leave TOMORROW!!

The doctor came by earlier and was pleased with dad's progress and said that he should be able to check-out tomorrow!! :) He is getting a unit of platelets right now and then I think he is scheduled to get another unit of blood after that is finished.  We have had a nice day today - Bradley and Chachi are on the road back to Austin already - please pray for their safe travels and for us to get to leave tomorrow as scheduled! :) 
Thanks again to everyone and Love to ALL!


  1. Mel and Jessica,
    I will certainly be praying that things remain well through the night and that you will be out of the hospital by tomorrow. Now mega prayers for a donor!!! Carolyn

  2. Thanks so much Mama C - and you are RIGHT about that - let the donor prayers BEGIN!! :) xoxo

  3. Hey guys...I am happy to know that y'all will be headed to mom and dads soon!!! Uncle Mel has such a strong spirit and I know GOD will heal his body and make it strong again...look forward to a visit soon!! Love you
    IN HIS GRIP-Jamie

  4. Hey Mel and Jessica,
    I'm so excited ya'll had a good weekend, I hope and pray this week, is smooth sailing and fast I can't wait to see Mel on Friday. XXXO!