Monday, May 17, 2010

Sorry for the Delay!!

Hi Everyone!!
We had a busy and crazy weekend and I apologize for not updating the blog!!
Well, Bradley and Chachi came in town to see me and the three of us went to stay with Sarah and Sidney and there 3 pups - we had a wonderful time with them!
On Saturday dad had his very first time to himself in the evening for a few hours and it didn't go so well, he had been slowly but surely starting to feel the negative side effects from the daily shot he is taking to raise his white blood cell counts (flu like aching etc) and Saturday night it made his fever spike all the way to 102 - we were keeping in close touch with him through the whole night and thought for a while there that we were going to be back at the hospital again :( ... thankfully his fever started to break on its own around 10pm and by a little after 11 when the Forets got back home he was feeling a lot better.  So, he went to sleep and yesterday he felt ok all day and by last night he ran about a 99.something - by this morning it was totally gone.  He seems to be feeling very well this morning.  I will be with dad all this week till Friday and then I believe my mom will be coming in to spend some time with him and give me some time to go home and be with my love ;)
I will update regularly this week - I promise ;)
Love to all!!!

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