Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fabulous News!

Hi Everyone!!
I am VERY VERY HAPPY to report that we got dad out of the hospital last night and we had a great night's sleep at Bobbie's house - He is feeling and looking GREAT!!!  We are currently tackling a Jigsaw Puzzle right now and having a very nice time!!
Thank you SO much to EVERYONE for all the prayers, love, and support!!!  
Love to All!


  1. Jessica - What great news! Whatever it is you are doing, bottle it so that Melvin continues to do "GOOD"! Have fun with the jigsaw puzzle - what wonderful quality time with your dad! Thanks for the post. Claudia

  2. Jessica, Wow!! Praise God!! Hopefully this one bump in the road has been flattened out for good and the roads will be smooth and free of bumps for a long period of time. Have a wonderful week. Tell your dad "hello" and it's so affirming to know that God is listenig and answers our prayers.
    Love, MamaC

  3. . I read this blog every day. Today I AM SO HAPPY!!

  4. This is FANTASTIC news!!! Yay!!! ^_^ We are keeping the prayers coming!

  5. Thank you so much you guys - we are DEFINITELY seeing a beautiful display of love and prayers TRULY making a HUGE impact - we APPRECIATE it SOOO much!!!!!! xoxo