Sunday, May 2, 2010


I am SOOO excited to report another fever FREE night!!  Also, his foot is starting to look better as well!!!  The doctors haven't been in to see him yet today but we are hoping that all signs are pointing towards us getting to leave tomorrow!
Bradley and I went to mass in the Chapel with him this morning and that was really nice!  God is definitely at work here and in dad!
I will update you guys at least once more this evening - for now Bradley and I are about to run to the grocery store and then Bradley and Chachi will be getting back on the road to Austin and I will be headed back to the hospital to hang out with dad!
Love to all!  Keep up those prayers!


  1. We are so glad you are fever free and that the foot looks better. We love you Melvin!!!
    Bill & Diane

  2. Hang in there, brother! We love you and are praying unceasingly for you! Su and Tommy

  3. Thanks Bill & Diane! ;) and i asked dad if he wanted to try skype - we may try it from my aunt bobbie's once we are settled in there! :)

  4. Thanks Tom and Su! We are hoping to be out of here SOON! and we REALLY appreciate all the love and prayers!