Monday, May 3, 2010

Hi everyone! I am attempting to send this update via text from my phone - I have not been able to get my computer connected to the Internet today.... Anyway, dad is doing fine- another night with no fever but he didn't sleep very well - I think we are both just anxious to get out of here! And so I am about to make the room dark and police the door to see if we can get him a little nap!
After a little debate with some docs that were trying to change their mind and keep dad here longer, I think we are back on track to leave in a few hours to head for bobbie's house.... He will have to continue a few IV drugs while we are at her house but the nurse should be coming by soon to teach me how to do all of that for him :-)
I will update again once we are actually on our way out of here :-)
Love to all!

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