Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ok everyone just a quick update- the ultrasound came back negative- so no blood clot!! Yay!! We are both exhausted but back at bobbie's and hopefully we won't have a repeat of last night! We just have to watch his temperature all night and his leg- if we end up back in the ER tonight then they are going to have to re-admitt him- so please say prayers for a calm and restful night tonight!!
We are currently waiting for the home health nurse to deliver his IV meds and teach us how to administer them :-)
Love to all!


  1. I will be praying for a good night for both of you. I am so sorry for the ongoing challenges but know this is going to turn around. Please tell my favorite big brother that I am thinking about him and sending lots of good thoughts and wishes his way. And, Jessica, thanks for taking such good care of him. You are the best!
    Love, Loretta

  2. God is so GOOD, Mel said that they potentialy have 90 matches for stem cells!!! Jessica is back in RR and Daniel is with Mel at the hospital while he gets a treatment today. I have wonderful, wonderful kids!!!
    Love to All,