Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hi again - this time from Round Rock

Hey Everyone!
I got back to round rock yesterday late afternoon and of course it feels great to be home again and with my amazing husband!  Though I have to say I am MISSING my dad!  I will be returning to Houston on Tuesday.
I have been talking to dad several times a day and I will continue to keep the blog updated - sorry for the delay, but I am BACK :)
Ok - there are several new points to post!
One is VERY VERY good news - I spoke with the Stem Cell Unrelated Donor Coordinator and she has completed his preliminary donor search and while the average is for someone to get approximately 10 matches at best back (all of which will of course not be viable in the end) DAD'S SEARCH CAME BACK WITH 90 POTENTIAL MATCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S RIGHT NINETY!!!!!!!!!! AS IN 9-0!!!!!!!!!!
OMG - I can not explain how ENCOURAGED we feel with this new news - and how THANKFUL we are for all of YOUR PRAYERS - because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is GOD answering these prayers that allowed for this AMAZING NEWS!!!!!
We are obviously far from "out of the woods" and the situation is still SO serious but what a WONDERFUL break in the clouds it was to hear that!
Ok - in other news - unfortunately dad ran some fever yesterday before his chemo treatment and platelet transfusion - but he received tylenol with both treatments and so the fever would have been masked the rest of the day.  I spoke with him earlier and unfortunately he is ran fever again all last night (in the 99 point somethings) and this morning it was 100.2 - then it broke and he went a couple of hours with none.  But I just spoke with him again and he is now running fever again (99 somethings again) and so we called the Doctor's office (his leukemia specialist) and they said that if he hits 100.4 he is going to have to return to the ER again :( 
this is obviously not something any of us wants to see happen and dad is really not feeling well right now.  So please pray that his fever breaks and stays away!  If it does return and reach 100.4 spurring them to need a return to the ER there is a HIGH probability (based on what we discussed last time in the ER with the doc) that they will then have to assume that the antibiotics that they switched him to, to be able to leave the hospital are not working well enough and then they will need to re-admit him into the hospital and get him back on the "bigger guns" meds again :( ...... clearly we don't want to see him end up back there again, but at the same time, with his counts so low he also can't afford to take ANY chances.  
So please please please pray for him and for this crucial scenario!
Love to all!  And I will update again immediately if anything changes!

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  1. Just a quick update, Daniel did have to bring Mel to the ER, not sure if they will for sure keep him, but it is very probable. Kay and I are leaving in the morning to meet them at the hospital. I will be there until Tuesday for sure, I appreciate your positive vision of no infection and no fever.
    There will be a blood drive and stem cell donor drive at Local 60 while I am gone. Either Jessica or I will post more info tomorrow.