Friday, May 7, 2010

Still in the ER awaiting a room.......

Hi All,
Well, Mom and Kay arrived in Houston this afternoon safely which is WONDERFUL news!!  Now for the rest of the news...... They are still waiting in the ER for a room to open up for him.  He is once again running fever - 101.4 which is the highest since the last time he was in the hospital, which is very concerning :( ... Also, they have run a couple of additional tests and we are still awaiting results - we will of course keep you posted as soon as we know anything new!
For now, PLEASE pray for an answer to this fever question and as well as pray that they can get a room ready for him ASAP - as they will both be MUCH more comfortable up there than they are in the ER room!!
Also, I am about to post all of the details about the upcoming drives for dad that will be held at the Union Hall in Metairie!
Love to all!

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