Monday, September 20, 2010

Keep on Keepin' on....

Hi All,
Well, there isn't too much "new" news to report today... Dad is still in the hospital and last night he spiked some high fevers.  They decided this morning that today they will ct scan his sinuses to see if there is an infection that could be the culprit.  They also told him that he has GOT to start moving around and exercising more because that is how he can combat the fluid in his lungs and if he can't get it to go down then they are threatening to tap his lungs and drain them - YUCK!  Hopefully that serves as a very MOTIVATING factor!  
His platelet count was a 10 this morning which is still way too low and that is after 2 transfusions yesterday - he is getting 2 more transfusions of platelets today as well.  His blood counts dropped more and he is going to get 2 units of blood transfused today.  His white count also slipped a little more.... So, no great news there.....  
We still don't have all of our results back but we do have SOME of the DNA results and what we saw appears to be encouraging that the donor's cells are engrafting and taking over - which is a GOOD thing.... and as far as the biopsy - we still don't have full results but there were no "blasts" found as i reported a few days ago, but they did say today that there are some "abnormalities" - we don't have the full explanation of what that really "means" but we are working on it!  So, i will report more when we know more..... 
THIS JUST IN: - dad DID go on a walk today and DID do his arm exercises YAY!!! 
Please keep up all of your amazing prayers - we need them and we love them!
Love to all!


  1. DAMN, DUDLEY! For someone who used to get motion sickness on the Antique Cars at City Park, you sure are taking the rest on us for one hell-acious roller coaster ride. I guess it's the nature of the beast, and cancer is indeed a beast.

    What you're going through is probably more par for the course than you may realize. I say this because this past February, a good friend of Patrick's, 13 y.o. at the time, went to his doctor after not feeling well for a couple weeks. Whatever the doctor saw scared him enough that the poor kid left the pediatrician's office in an ambulance to go straight to the MEMPHIS, TN! St. Jude's or St. Luke's Hospital, specializes in treating kids with cancer. In this case............leukemia. We followed his treatment on-line, just as we're doing with you. He went through many of the same trials and tribulations, ups and downs, as you are now. He was an in-patient for about six weeks, I think, before going to a Ronald McDonald-type facility near the hospital, still having to report everyday for treatment. Sound familiar? While maintaining a steady yet bumpy path as an out-patient, he suddenly came down with a mysterious fever and had to return as an in-patient. For three weeks the kid had a constant fever as high as 104, never below 100. I don't know that they ever figured out the source of the fever, and I don't know if the steady IV's of antibiotics knocked it out or if it just disappeared on its own as mysteriously as it came on. But I do know that once he got past that fever he never looked back. Everything from that point went well. He finally returned home in August. I guess the point is you gotta keep trudgin' along, believing that each day will be the day it all comes together, and each setback is the last one, just like the boy's fever turned out to be. Remember, it's always darkest before dawn. Or is it darkest at the crack of dawn? Whatever. You know what I mean.;) Godspeed, my brother!


  2. Morning Peb.
    Just a quick note to let you know you are in our thought daily.

  3. we love you kory - mom read your comment to dad and she said it made him smile :) thanks so much! xoxo