Friday, September 17, 2010

The Improvement CONTINUES - PRAISE GOD!!

Calling all PRAYER WARRIORS - we have a HUGE THANK YOU to deliver!!!!!!!!  Those amazing prayers to our INCREDIBLE GOD and FATHER are working OVERTIME!
ALL of dad's counts have come up!!  His white blood has come up to 4.2, his red blood is holding the transfusion numbers and his platelets are at a recent record high of 16!!!  (50 is normal so we still have a lot of growing to do - but MAN its NICE to see some DOUBLE digits FINALLY!) 
He is currently getting a cat scan and we are still waiting on a bunch of various test results but all in all the docs are LIKING the progress and i think if his numbers hold tomorrow they may discharge him back to the condo - we shall see!  
Also, we are trying to get him moving and exercising more which isn't the easiest when he is feeling tired and wiped out - so, anytime any of you happen to talk to him maybe you can help us by encouraging him to exercise or asking him how the exercising is going etc?  The occupational therapist and docs have re-iterated to him how IMPORTANT it is to push himself in that realm that it will help his overall progress LOTS!


  1. DATS'MA BOY! Now git yer tired ol' butt outa bed 'n start walkin'. Move it or lose it, son. I said move it or lose. When ya think ya can't go no more, push on. Even if yer git-up-n-go done got up n' went, keep on keepin' on. Cuz ya gots ta MAINTAIN, BRO! MAINTAIN!

    Seriously, several years ago I was in the hospital for a week due to a gangrenous gall bladder. Tha last thing I wanted to do was move. The medical staff kept telling me to get out of bed and walk around a little. But with the hose up my nose, the IV in my arm, the catheter, the pain meds, etc., I wasn't going anywhere. Only when I was told I couldn't go home unless I started walking did I finally have the incentive to make the effort, because going home meant I'd be hose-free. Once I forced myself to move, everything started working again and within a couple days I was untethered, felt ten times better, had some energy and a brighter outlook. Exercise is nature's antidepressant, perks you up physically and spiritually. Has something to do with increasing the blood flow. So git goin', Boy!


  2. Wise words Kory and I can't wait to read to Mel in the morning:-)
    Everyones love and support is so appreciated!

  3. kory,
    your posts are a highlight in the day - i absolutely love reading them and i can totally picture your facial expressions and hand movements - its fantastic - please keep them up - we love them! xoxo