Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day +35 Keeping the Faith

Hey Everyone,
I'm sorry for the brief absence from the blog - but i'm back :) Yesterday dad had a small increase in his platelet count bringing it from 4 to 5 which is still WAY too low but at least moved in the RIGHT direction, all of his other counts unfortunately continue to creep downward.  He received both blood and platelet transfusions yesterday and the day before that.  We also received preliminary results back from the the bone marrow aspiration - it showed no "blasts" which is a GOOD sign :) - we will not however have the complete results for a few more days so we will let you know as soon as we know.... they are also waiting on some blood results that will let us know how much the donor's stem cells have or have not en-grafted so far- which may be very important in figuring out why he is still not producing his own blood and platelets yet..... SO, LOTS to pray for and about and we are doing our very best to stay positive and to keep the faith with and for dad.  Hoping and PRAYING that when i get the text from mom this morning with dad's counts that we find IMPROVEMENT!  As far as his daily symptoms the blood running in his nose and throat have improved slightly with the slight platelet increase which is movement in the right direction, however with his white counts creeping lower each day he has developed mouth sores again which is cause for concern and discomfort :( we are hoping today that they will give him a shot to help his white counts go up, even if it is just superficially to help his mouth heal.  He is also still having fevers off and on most days and just super weak, achy, and exhausted all the time.  So, please join us in keeping his thoughts and conversations positive and encouraging as well as joining us in SERIOUS PRAYERS for his improvement :) Love to all and i will update this afternoon with the latest!


  1. Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy; and find grace in time of need. Hebrews 4:16
    Staying in our prayers,

  2. Jessica - Fr. Frank continues to offer special prayers for Melvin. Keep strong! I will keep Melvin in my prayers. Thank you for keeping us posted.
    Claudia S

  3. Thank you so much Colt - those are powerful words and we really appreciate the prayers!

  4. Thank you too Claudia and thanks to Fr. Frank!