Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day +29 - well its not bad and not great.........

Hey all!
Well, they just got dad's labs in and the platelets dropped to a 5 from yesterday's 6, but it is better than going back down to a 2........... and his white cells actually went up a little so that is GOOD!  He is retaining a LOT of fluid - nearly 20 lbs of it to be exact..... so, we are assuming they will be giving him something to help with that today along with his platelet transfusion.  He also continues to run a fever every night that is not present during the daytime hours - they ran some extra blood cultures to try and solve that mystery - we don't have results yet.  That's all for now - keep praying for that elusive TURNAROUND we are still hoping everyday will be "THE DAY" ;) 
love to all!

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