Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another Bone Marrow Biopsy.........

Hi All, 
Well yesterday dad had to endure another bone marrow biopsy :( - the docs wanted to get another one in the works since the results take so long so that they can have a basis for comparison against the one that they did on the 9th...... this is because he is still not producing his own platelets and blood cells and they are trying to solve that mystery.  He was really really out of it for a LONG time after the procedure because of the drugs they gave him so hopefully he slept well last night.  They actually preformed the procedure in his room and mom got to watch - YUCK! lol........
As for other updates, we still do not have all the "final" answers from the last biopsy - but as soon as we do we will share them with you guys- i promise.  He is still having off and on fevers and some blood in his urine and so last night they took him for more x-rays and did more blood and urine cultures so we should have some results later today.  He is also still carrying about 20-25 pounds of fluid that we are hoping as his exercise level comes up the fluid will start to come down - and he is increasing his activity and did well with it yesterday which is great!
More later when we know more - please please keep the prayers rolling in - we really really need them for that ever elusive turnaround day! Love to all!


  1. Just know, no matter what, a list of prayer warriors a mile long (or longer) is in constant prayer for you! And who knows, maybe Maureen will want to change careers and become a nurse!! Everyone is certainly receiving an education thanks to you, Mel!! Love you! Su and Tom

  2. Tell Pebble to hang in there, these are trying times but if anyone can do it he can. Hopefully I be over to see you guys again in a couple of weeks.


  3. Thank you so much tom and su!! we love yall! and the prayer warriors list is amazing!

  4. Thank you danny!! and we hope to see you - that would be great - for now i will pass on your comment to dad!

  5. We totally appreciate the prayer, without the constant support we'd fall apart. As far as career change, LOL fat chance I gladly do anything to make my love feel better but strangers would be in trouble...everyone please join me in the positive vision of Mel's counts growing and us enjoying a sunset up on the roof :-)