Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day +22

Hi All!
Well I arrived back in Houston yesterday and Dan and Kay went home; they did a GREAT job taking care of dad and the condo- thanks guys!!
We spent noon till 7pm at the hospital yesterday doing transfusions and labs, got his dressing changed etc... we decided that PART of why did feels SO tired and worn out is that things were a LOT easier to handle when he was in the hospital - laying in a bed for all the techs, transfusions, etc to come to him..... now that he is out they have you running ALL over the hospital only to have EVERY thing run LATE, everything is UN-organized and out of sync - - - they WEAR YOU OUT both mentally and physically....... ah well
Last night dad didn't not sleep very much didn't feel very well - this morning is more of that - please say some "revitalizing" prayers for him this morning as we head into another FULL day at the hospital!
Love to all and more later :)

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