Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day +50

Hi All!
I am back in Houston tonight with mom and we got mom back to the condo to FINALLY get a REAL night's sleep.  Dad is having his bladder flush contantly running and now also has his bladder irrigated every two hours so they assign a nurse to ONLY him for day and nightime and they are literally in the room with him every 15 minutes so he is being very well cared for :) I am back so quickly b/c the docs have a new idea to hopefully solve the problem with him rejecting more platelets from the transfusions than he is keeping.... His platelet count as of tonight is back down to a mere 2 :( - so, they now want dan and I to have our platelets extracted to transfuse for dad - with the hopes that since we are his closest genetic matches that he will not reject them and they could be the "golden ticket" :) - So, I had to go and get a pre-screen blood test today and then I am scheduled to have my platelets extracted for him tomorrow and he should have them in his body by tomorrow evening!  So, this involves two very specific prayer requests - the first is that I make it through the donating process - it is super scary for a needle phobic like me ;) and if i pass out or vomit they will stop the procedure - so please send me happy strong thoughts!  The second request and biggest one is that the platelets they get from me WORK WONDERS FOR DAD!!!  It is really crazy that in my pre-screening test my platelet level was a 228 and dad's is only 2 - put quite a perspective spin on the story for me ;) - it is about a 2 hour procedure to donate and you can only do it every 72 hours so, if this works they may have me do it again on saturday.  Then daniel gets to town wednesday and will be able to do his donation - we are both needle queesy so please do the same two prayers for him!! 
We will update tomorrow and let you know how all this goes!  So goodnight for now and keep those warrior prayers coming! Love to all!


  1. Jessica - What a wonderful thing to do - the "gift of life"! Don't worry - I did platelets some 20 yrs. ago the old-fashioned way at Charity Hospital as a donor for a child. The procedure took four hours. They took a pint of blood, centrifuged it to get platelets,then put it back into me. That sequence was repeated three more times. Let's see - I did get cold so they put sheets on me. Then during the fourth sequence I had to go to the bathroom something bad! I couldn't go until they finished the sequence so that I could complete the procedure. When I was done, they pulled the needle out, and I rushed to the bathroom in the basement of Charity holding the gauze over the needle point. I had to go that bad. I think that the procedure today is less involved - more hi-tech. In any case, you will do just great! Think pleasant thoughts - your absolutely incredible husband, your wonderful pooch, and most importantly, the gift of life for Melvin! You will do GREAT!!!! So, as Jewish mother says, make sure that you go to the bathroom before you start, bring a sweater or jacket, wear comfortable shoes, etc. Oh well, you get the drift. Keep us posted. All of our prayers are with you. By the way, Fr. Frank and all my St. Anselm buddies continue to pray for Melvin. GEAUX Jessica!!! Claudia S

  2. Thanks so much Claudia! I will heed your advice and pee first and have a sweater with me ;) - thanks again
    jess xoxo