Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's been QUITE a day....

Hi Everyone,
Bradley and I are in Houston this weekend with mom, and Brad and I stayed at the hospital all day today with him.  Dad had a REALLY rough day, they have discovered a virus in his bladder and he now has a catheter in and they are running a constant flush of his bladder.  The virus is causing really severe spasms of his bladder and it is really painful for him - unfortunately we had a very intense day full of them.  They are giving him anti-spasm medicine but it can take a few days before it builds up enough of a level in his blood to really alleviate the spasms and pain.  We are HOPING that the worst of it was today and that tonight and tomorrow will start to bring some relief.  The virus is sort of tricky and can last up to two weeks and they have to continue this constant flush for the duration of the virus so we need SERIOUS PRAYERS that we can beat this thing FASTER than that!!  
As for his other counts they are still very low and he had 2 units of blood and 2 units of platelets - so we need BIG time prayers for that turnaround as well!
Thank you all so much for you love prayers and support - please keep those prayers flowing - dad has been feeling like every day just brings worse and worse news and symptoms and we need that day with BETTER news something terrible!!
Love to all and more tomorrow!


  1. Thanks you everyone for calling and checking on us, this is a time when it really helps having this blog. Jessica you are doing a great job. It is very hard for both of us to answer questions without becoming didcouraged. Too much negative attention on all the difficulties. What we need is positve visions of fun and good health in the future. Prayer for strengh& healing are so apppreciated :-)

  2. I am looking forward to a fishing trip in Venace and lots of good food and fun with family. Lets get Charles to set it up as soon as Mel is ready to put up with us. Or maybe we can all go to Daniel's new place. YEA thats the ticket. Love and Prayers Katie & Chip

  3. that sounds like a great plan! love you guys!!