Tuesday, September 7, 2010

FINALLY some progress in PLATELET LAND!

Good Morning everyone!
Thank you so so much for all your warrior prayers that you have been lifting up for dad!! His platelet count FINALLY saw some improvement today!!  It went from a 2 yesterday to a 6 today - which is still very low but at LEAST it is moving in the CORRECT direction finally!  So we will take the good news!  Dad has been really anxious and discouraged and last night was a really long restless one so THANK GOD for the good turn today!  His blood is still really low today and he will be getting transfusions of both blood and platelets today.  We are PRAYING HARD that things will continue to improve over the next several days so that we can experience that POSITIVE TURNAROUND that we are SO ready for!  Thank you again to ALL OF YOU for all of your STRONG WARRIOR PRAYERS- please please keep them coming!!  I will update again soon :) love to all!