Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day +22 - Prayers NEEDED!

Hi All!
Well, today things went very smoothly and efficiently at the hospital- which was VERY nice and a NEW experience ha ha - we actually got to eat dinner at dinner time and not bed time ;) so, thank you b/c that MUST mean that after reading this morning's frustration filled entry that you guys all prayed for a better experience today! and it WORKED!! :) 
So, i must request all of you motivated prayer warriors to give us a different "boost" for tomorrow :) Dad had low grade fever during the night last night and it persisted through the day today :( - this is of some concern to the doctors especially when paired with the fact that he has not started producing his own blood cells and platelets yet.... they told us today that they feel like now by day +22, he should be doing that now and there are many different factors that could be the culprit, including but not limited to, some sort of underlying infection that they have not identified- they will be taking some new blood cultures and extra tests tomorrow to investigate that possibility......... so, please please please say SERIOUS prayers that he DOES have a turnaround day and SOON....... like TOMORROW..... so that we and he can feel more confident about EVERYthing - his energy has been SO low due to the lack of blood that our walks have been totally on hold yesterday and today and it is very discouraging to dad to see the people that we were on the transplant floor with (that he used to run laps around!) looking as though they are doing much better than him now...... we are concerned but of course trying to stay hopeful and optimistic that tomorrow could be OUR DAY!  it is exhausting that there are so so many ups and downs throughout this process it is TRULY a marathon and not a sprint!  we love you all and you and your prayers have carried us through SO much - please pray hard for us tonight!!!  love to all and more in the morning! xoxo


  1. Jessica - Keep the faith - the prayers will be rolling. Remember those nasty "bumps" in the road; diffferent for each one of us. Stay strong, stay positive. It is a long journey with a winding path. Melvin and you are in my prayers. Claudia

  2. Good Morning,

    You do a grate job on the website to keep us all informed at A&A Mechanical. We have all been praying and hoping Melvin comes around to have better days ahead. Tell him I said hello and to hang in there.
    Thanks for all the updates.
    God Bless,
    Allen Duvio

  3. Thanks Claudia :)
    Thanks so much Allen! I will absolutely pass that on to dad - we really appreciate all of the support! :)