Monday, August 16, 2010

Update - Sorry for the delay!

Hey Everyone!
Sorry for the lapse in updates - I went back to Austin to surprise my hubby with a weekend visit since mom was staying in houston till sunday.  Well, we had an awesome weekend and mom is now back in Madisonville and I am at the condo in Houston again as of yesterday evening.  I drove straight to the hospital when i got in and spent about 3 hours with dad last night - he is very tired, frequently nauseous, and having throat pain.  Not so fun :( but we worked on a new puzzle for a while and took his last walk of the day and then ordered him some dinner.  Please say prayers that his throat and mouth pain begin to subside instead of worsening and that his nausea subsides.  He called me this morning and told me to pack a bag in case i need to stay with him tonight because they are talking about giving him pain killers and they make him pretty nuts - i am sincerely hoping that we can get him some pain relief using far less severe methods - so please say prayers for success!! 
Love to all and more later!


  1. Jessica,
    I have begun praying for relief from the pain and nausea that your dad is now experiencing. Even though from accounts that I've read- this is to be expected- it still doesn't make it any easier to endure. I will be praying for you too as it will be difficult for you to see him so uncomfortable. Remember that you are not alone and pray, pray, pray!
    Love, MamaC

  2. Thank you so much Mama-C :) i want you to know that your prayers WORKED - by the time i got to the hospital which was LITERALLY within 30 minutes of your prayers beginning he told me that the pain in his throat had miraculously vanished!! i give credit to all the prayers! i appreciate your unfailing support!! xoxo

  3. Jesssica - Great news! You know me - I do tend to put some levity into life so that we smile (which is great medicine). So, as Jim Henderson (WWL sports dude) said on the Saints winning their first ever playoff game some years ago "There is a God!". Prayer is amazing and yes, there is a God who loves us and does protect us even though we sometimes have a hard time believing and seeing it! Take care and tell "dudette" (aka Melvin) hello! Claudia S