Friday, August 6, 2010

Day "-5" Another GOOD one - Thank you GOD!

We are feeling so blessed - so far dad has been feeling good!! We went on a search for a puzzle that would fit on the window sill and one that isn't missing a million pieces - well we found some to meet the size requirement but unfortunately they ALL seem to be missing pieces LOL..... i may have to go to wal-mart or somewhere this weekend to see what i can find ;) We also walked our 3 one mile walks - YAY!!!  And we had two visitors - Greg in the morning and Brannon in the afternoon!!  Thanks for the YUMMY frozen yogurt Brannon! ;)  We get a laugh about the masks that everyone has to wear in dad's room - they are nice b/c they sort of sit away from your mouth so it is a little easier to talk and breathe in them compared to the typical masks - however, between their unique shape and the fact that they are yellow - it makes everyone look like they have a bill- at first i was saying "beak" and dad promptly told me that it was a "bill" NOT a "beak" and that there are very BIG differences....... LOL!  His wit and mind are certainly holding strong ;)  We decided that the masks make everyone look like a duck-billed platypus- which dad says is God's idea of humor! ;)  
So, in other news, i haven't mentioned so far, but should- that we have had absolutely wonderful nurses so far - very sweet and accommodating! :)
Okay, well more later!!  We are hoping to maybe have a visit from Bobbie and Gary today sometime - since it is almost to the time where dad will no longer be able to really have visitors since his white counts will be dropping and the rules get a lot stricter as far as being in contact with him.  It is best if at that point the only people he comes in contact with are his primary caregivers so that we minimize his chance of coming in contact with any colds, germs, infections, etc.  They are really strict about ANY signs of illness in even us as his primary caregivers - if we cough, sniffle, sneeze - it is grounds for us to not be able to see him!  
Well, I will continue to update everyday!  This weekend Bradley and Chachi come to see me - YAY!!!!!! I REALLY REALLY miss my hubby!  And mom arrives on Saturday sometime and we can't wait to see her!!  So please pray for safe travels for all of them and for more good days and healing for dad :) Love to all!

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