Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Transplant Day- Part two ;)

Well -hello prayer warriors!! - Dad was SO amazing today compared to yesterday - looked more like himself, acted more like himself, miraculous - for which i give all the credit to GOD and ALL OF YOU for Praying to HIM!!!! WOW - i am in awe!!!  His cells, as you know arrived successfully at the hospital this morning - as we waited on them to be processed dad, mom, and i worked on our current jig-saw puzzle in serious anticipation :) - here is a shot of dad enjoying his olive-loaf "sam-ich" and doing the puzzle ;)
then here is a shot of mom and i dressed in our super cute matching outfits ;) and then - the MIRACULOUS cells arrived in the room and we PRAYED over those BABIES and asked GOD to be with dad, in those cells, and with us - to bring HIS amazing healing hand to dad's very core and to HEAL him and RESTORE his health :) - THANK YOU AGAIN to the PHENOMENAL woman who SELFLESSLY sacrificed to donate those kool-aid punch colored BEAUTIFUL stem cells - we owe SO MUCH to her!! :) and speaking of those beautiful cells - that brings us to the transfusion in action (next pics down the line ;)) 
so then this part is for all of dad's friends who have been picking on him in only the uplifting way that they can:
only 30 minutes after the transfusion was complete - and LOOK - dad is ALREADY trying to dress like mom and i  ;) - LOL!!!!!!!!!!!  for those of you who aren't privy to the jokes - they have been joking with him and saying how he was going to get all girly after being infused with female DNA ;) LOL!!!  he went along with the pic - b/c he LOVES a good laugh as much as anyone - and THANK GOD for that! ;)  so to dad's "dudley" friends - that one was for you ;)  we love you guys so much and you have NO IDEA how MUCH he perks up and smiles when he gets to talk to you guys - you are all AWESOME!
We just want ALL of our family and friends to know HOW MUCH we SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO APPREICATE all of the LOVE, SUPPORT, PRAYER, and CONCERN that we received today!!!!!! 
We could not have made it without you guys!!!!! :)  Mom and I came back to the condo for dinner tonight - brannon and greg joined us for grilling some chicken wings and we had a FABULOUS time - mom is now back at the hospital spending the night with dad - just to ensure another restful and hopefully uneventful night!! 
I will of course report again in the morning- i am hoping to have nothing but good news to report!
Basically, over the next many days (his target date to be released from the hospital is Sept. 2nd) they will be monitoring him VERY closely for complications such as his body attacking the donor's cells, or the donor's cells attacking his body, or infection, pneumonia, etc....  we are not out of the woods or even possibly through the worst yet - one of our nurses last week told us that the week after the transplant is sometimes the hardest...... we will just have to wait and see and PRAY our way through the upcoming days and weeks!!  But all of your support means MORE than the world to us!  I will keep you all posted and informed i promise! :) GOOD NIGHT AND GOD BLESS - we love you ALL! :) xoxo


  1. Thank you Jessica for all the news and pics. Sounds like a very busy, but good day. Prayers continue for dad, mom, you, Dan and of course, the donor. I am in a world of amazement. Take care and tell Melvin that his legs are "cute" (from the pic). Claudia S

  2. thanks so much claudia as always :)

  3. Olive loaf? Is that on the "Maueen's healthy diet plan"? I thought he would have given that up with the Oreos a long time ago.

  4. No it is not, but at least it is Bores Head brand with not fillers and crap. LOL someone knows me well! Right now he can eat almost whatever he is craving :) M