Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day "-6" - a GOOD one!

So, today was dad's first day of chemo and other than having some light-headedness/ dizziness in the morning (which is caused by the new really strong chemo that crosses some brain/blood barrier and has a tendency to cause seizures - don't worry they pre-medicate him with a LOT of anti-seizure meds prior to infusion) he did GREAT!  We even walked almost  THREE MILES today!!!  They give you an equation of how many laps and where equal a mile :) and that is our goal each day!  We split it into 3 separate walks, as they suggest and i think it is going really well!  I know that often the effects of the chemo don't "appear" until a few days after initial infusion but we will take all the good days coming our way :)  We had fun listening to fun music, chatting, doing a puzzle, walking, watching funny TV..... so i say GREAT DAY!  Please pray with us for more of the same :)
Then this evening my Godfather Greg was sweet to offer to take me to dinner and so, he picked me up at the condo and we went to PF Changs (super safe for we gluten free folks) and we had an absolutely fabulous time catching up, sharing, and reminiscing - THANK YOU Greg! :) 
Now I am back at the condo and going to bed soon so that I can get an early start in the morning :) - I think Greg is planning to come and see us in the morning before he heads back home to Kingsville :) 
Love to all and keep up that WARRIOR PRAYER - it is SO working!!!
More tomorrow!!!

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