Friday, August 6, 2010

Day "-4" - Pretty Good, shaky start but going well now :)

Hey All,
Well, dad didn't sleep very well last night so this morning when i called him he was putting off breakfast for a little bit and trying to grab a morning nap to make up for the lack of sleep last night.. then, apparently he got really nauseated and thought he was going to throw up.... thankfully he laid down for another hour and it sort of faded and has not returned.  He is pretty sleepy today, but still all in all- feeling good and has a great attitude!  We have finished two of our three 1 mile walks and will do one more before i leave!!
Bradley and Chachi are on the road headed here right now and i CANNOT wait to see them!! :) Please pray for their safe travels and mom's safe travels as she gets on the road here early tomorrow morning!  Bradley and I plan to grill burgers on the roof tonight! YUM - I'm already hungry!! :) 
Please also pray that dad doesn't have any return of the nausea and that he gets a GOOD nights sleep tonight!!
Love to all!

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