Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day +1 Pretty Smooth - but several delays ...

Hi all!
All in all today has gone pretty well - unfortunately dad ran a little fever this morning so they immediately had to start him on IV antibiotics, run more blood culture tests, and are going to run a chest x-ray.  Which dad is STILL waiting on transport for :( - he got his chemo-therapy this afternoon, but still needs a blood transfusion and they will be starting a new anti-rejection/ immune suppressing drug and they can't do either of those things till he gets back from the x-ray so things including ordering his dinner are all on hold waiting for that x-ray....... We made it through 2 of our one mile walks but we are fore-going the final one because dad is SOOO tired due to needing his blood transfusion and so it is best we don't.
Please say lots of prayers for dad to have another UN-eventful night tonight - mom and I are about to head out and go to the grocery store and back to the condo for dinner :) and HOPEFULLY mom gets to sleep at the condo tonight and actually get a GOOD NIGHTS sleep!!  We gotta keep us well to be able to effectively help dad :) 
love to all and more tomorrow!!


  1. I'm so glad that today was uneventful, although it sounded tiring, for sure. I hope that Maureen does get to sleep at the condo, too. You hit the nail on the head- you two need to take care of yourselves, as well - nothing to feel guilty about there. Sweet dreams to both of you.
    Love, Carolyn

  2. Thanks so much mama-c - we love ya!!! and we are SO gonna sleep well tonight ;)

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  4. AJ - that is HILARIOUS!!!! i can't wait to tell dad!! lol!!!