Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day +8 - a little better :)

Hey Everyone!  Dad didn't have a great night last night but there was a little Light in the morning :) - I think we have finally pegged the pain pill protocol for being able to successfully make it through meals with as little pain as possible - they are liquid meals but even those were painful - so this is an improvement!!  Of course they also make him pretty sleepy so he is kinda groggy through most of the day now BUT that is better than the alternative!  We made a walk at lunch time and are aiming for one more at about 4pm - so hopefully that goes well :) - He is getting a blood transfusion as we speak right now and also had a chemo dose this morning.
Please keep those prayers coming - we are so reliant on them and all of your prayers last night and this morning for a better day today WORKED!!!  Love to all!!

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