Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A time for all things - and its time for us to come home.

Dear Family, Friends, Prayer Warriors, Loved ones,
It is with a heavy heart that we post today - to share with you all the news that we have received.  It turns out that dads leukemia is back and strong- so strong that we are no longer able to combat it.  The transplant was unsuccessful and he is not strong enough to endure or be eligible for another one, nor is he able to have any more chemo.  So, it is now time to bring him home.  They have been slowly tapering him off of all his medications here and they will give him his last transfusion today with the platelets that Daniel donated before heading home yesterday.  They are giving him morphine to keep his as comfortable as possible.  We are waiting on the final arrangements from hospice and the ambulance transport.  We are thinking that he will be transported via ambulance tomorrow morning- mom will ride with him in the ambulance and I will follow driving her car.  They will bring him to our house and that is where hospice will be set up.  He was very lucid and aware when we received the news and made all the decisions and this is how he wants it.  He is now less and less lucid, sort of in and out of knowing what is going on.  Mom and I are at the hospital and staying with him, camping out on the recliner and pull down bed till we can get him home.  
We want all of you to know how much all of your love, support, and prayers have meant to us through these very difficult months - you truly carried us through on your prayer shoulders.  We feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many loving and caring people, and we will continue to rely on your prayers and support to get us through the difficult time ahead of us.  Dad has really fought the tough fight and we all prayed the turnout would be different, but God has the reigns and we know His Plan is Sovereign, we just have to put our Faith there and be strong as we surround Dudley as he Journeys Home.
God Bless and we will keep you posted as we learn the particulars of the transport etc.  Love to All


  1. Jessica and family,
    I certainly prayed for a different outcome for your dad. I know leukemia is an ugly disease and a hard fight. And I know your dad with the help of his loving family and friends fought it head on with vengeance! But God had a plan for him and unfortunately it wasn't the same as ours.
    Every time I wish my friend Amber was sitting right next to me (who also lost her battle to leukemia), God comforts me letting me know she is with Him! For that I can't be sad because she is healed and finally Home. I can't wait for the day I get to see her again.
    I will pray for your sweet dad and your family that you will get through the difficult journey ahead with God's loving grace. God Bless You ;)
    -Love, Rebecca LeCompte Stinson

  2. thank you so much rebecca - we really appreciate the note and the encouragement xoxo

  3. My name is Dooney Weaver & I have known Melvin for about 15 years now, since back in the LTH days.
    I am very saddened to hear the news.
    My thoughts & prayers are with Melvin & his family.
    If it is possible please let him know I am thinking of him.
    If there is anything I can do please do not hesitate to call me.

  4. Jessica, Maureen & Dan - Words cannot express how my father and I feel right now. What incredible love you all have shown to Melvin - as a husband and as a father. Please let us know if there is anything that we can do as we live in Mandeville (504.236.0497). We are available and just down the road. As you said, God has a plan. We may not understand it at times, but we have to remember that God does love us and will provide for us and protect us. All of you are in our prayers! Please take care! Claudia S

  5. As I struggle with this news, my prayer is that God will help Melvin, Maureen, Jessica and Daniel - and all of us - to see what is happening not with resignation, but with acceptance, knowing that God is with him, all of us, always, in our pain and in our joy, every step of our journey. Lord God, cover Melvin with your love, dear Lord. Fill him with your spirit, God. Ease him, comfort him and let him know your peace. Amen. Love and prayers always, Su

  6. Jessica & Daniel, - I had hoped and prayed for a different outcome but I see that God has other plans. Please dont give up your faith because things are done for a reason - what? we may never know.
    Maureen - you have been a pillar of strength to everyone during these trying times. Praying that God brings you comfort and peace.
    To the rest of the family - Prayers are with all that Pebble finds his inner peace and comfort when he is called into the arms of the Lord. Love to all, Jackie & Ronald

  7. Jessica, I am so sad to hear the news about your dad it just brings me to tears. I will continue to pray for you and your family to get through these difficult times. I am glad we were able to meet at MD Anderson and become friends. I am here for you for whatever you need. Take care and God bless. Your forever friend, Amanda Hipps

  8. Maureen, Jessica, and Daniel,
    It is very difficult for all of us to let Melvin go. He is Truly an amazing person! I know that Melvin just can't fight anymore and is ready to be at peace with Our Lord! We love you all so much and our prayers are constant. God Bless Melvin
    Love, Diane

  9. As I read the sad news that Melvin has been told that there is no more treatment available I know that all the prayers are not in vane. We have all been Blessed to go with you on Dudley's Journey and see the strenght God has given to Mel and the whole family. It is so amazing to read of all the prayer and faith in you all and also in the people around you. This is such a testament to all of us that God is indeed at work in our lives and He will always be. Whatever you need I will continue to pray that you receive. We love you Mel and Maureen, Jessica and Bradley, Daniel and Kay.

  10. Allison Forbes LaRaviaOctober 14, 2010 at 8:39 AM

    My heart hurts as I read these updates - Jess, Maureen, Daniel, and Mel - I am praying for a miracle - for there to be cups of grace that overflow, for God to pour the largest portion of FAITH that any of you have ever seen; for the God of all COMFORT to be that in such a literal way that you can't help but shout the experience from the rooftops; and that all of you can have the eternal perspective that Jesus wants and longs for ALL of us to have - He is sovereign and this earth is not our home - paradise awaits us and it is truly a better, more beautiful and peaceful place. I am PRAYING for you sister - for all of you. Please, if you need me to pray with you over the phone - it would be my privilege, but know that I am praying to our Jesus as often as He puts you in my heart and mind.
    Yours in Christ,
    Allison Forbes LaRavia

  11. My name is Amy Duvio and my husband Andy and I worked with Melvin at A&A. We have been following the blog since it began and as I read this news this morning tears immediately struck me. Melvin has been a great friend to us. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Maureen and your family.
    Love, Andy and Amy Duvio

  12. Praying for you as you travel HOME. May you all find strength in your love for each other and the love and support of your family and friends.

  13. Oh,how I hated to say good bye last night. My heart was so heavy. But when Mel looked at me and told me he loved me that made my heart heal. Mel means the world to me and my family. He is the best brother in law a girl could have. I will truly miss our fishing trips but I know that the next one I go on he will be with me, helping bait the hook, cast the line , and catch the fish. Maureen you are the best wife and friend for Mel, God Bless you for all that you did in all these many years helping him through his battles with cancer. Jessica and Daniel you both were God's soldiers helping, loving, praying, and giving of yourselves for your Dad. He knows you did your best!!!! God's plans are wonderous for us all and with our walk in faith we know that He will bring Mel to His Home and they will both watch over all of us. May God Bless all of you and give you the strength, comfort, and love you will need to get you through Mel's journey to Him. Gary and I love all of you so much. We are just a phone call away. Always in our prayers your big sis Bobbie

  14. My name is Bryan Morris and i worked with your wonderful father at the norhtshore LTC center. My prayers go out to the family and Melvin, your father always had a smile on his face and a union or political issue that would always peak my awarenss of things that i would normally not give a second thought to, often i reflect on our many conversations. My father was also a"union man" for 40 years as a construction Labor and business agent for Labors' Local Union 1290 and i looked forward to talking to your father everyday, in a small way it was like talking to my father again.

    May God Bless the Larson Family.

    Bryan Morris

  15. Dear Maureen, Jessica and Daniel,
    I am constantly praying for strength and love to get you through these difficult days. Bradley was so blessed to have Mel as his father-in-law. Mel was easy to like. He has such a charm about him and I am so happy to have known him, no matter how briefly it was. I am here for the three of you always and I know that your faith and the outpouring of love you have received will get you through the days and weeks ahead.
    Love and Hugs to the three of you,
    Carolyn (MamaC)

  16. Uncle Mel,
    You are a true HERO to me and a true soldier for Jesus Christ! You have fought the good fight; you have run the race before you with perserverance and strength. I am truly honored to be your niece. I believe with all that I am that you did not lose this battle; you are moving on to our place of victory where our Lord and Savior will meet you with open arms and say "WELL DONE, MY SON MELVIN". I will hold on to you forever in my heart and soul knowing that this is not goodbye...It is "I will see you later in our true home." Uncle Mel, I will cherish all my fond memories of you, from summer visits at your house as a little girl where you made me eat my greens(yuck!)to the long trips across the lake to Grandma's house in that bumpy old van(those were the best)Then there were family vacations where keys would end up at the bottom of the lake! My point is, all the times I spent with you and Aunt Maureen are times filled with laughter and joy, even moments shared of life's lessons that you taught me along the way as a little girl. I am so grateful for the time I was able to spend with you at mom and dad's this year where you began this portion of your journey. The puzzles to loud tv shows,good meals,talks of government were added to great family moments full of love and joy. You are one of God's greatest people, living life to the fullest. You were never afraid to stand up for what you believed in, carrying the spirit of Jesus with you wherever you were, His light shining through you. Mel,you are one of God's chosen; He has a beautiful plan for you, a great new journey to embark on. Though I am selfish and want you to be here with us longer, I know you won't be far, guiding us all, watching over us. You have inspired me to do so many things in life that I had not shared with you. I will hold them close to my heart and share them with Jesus. He will show you how wonderful you are and how many lives you truly touched. I love you Uncle Mel. May Father God lift you up on the wings of angels and guide you on your journey home.
    Aunt Maureen, Jess, Danny, words can not express how much I love you guys. I am so proud to be a part of your family. I have seen love and strength unlike anything I have ever witnessed before in the way you care for and love Mel. We are all with you in heart and spirit. You will forever be in my prayers. I know this time for you will be difficult and wish I could bear all of your pain on my shoulders and make it better, but I know the one thing I can do is pray for God to cover you in his grace and mercy, to shelter you through this storm and to show you the rainbow of loving promise at the end of this journey!
    Uncle Mel, may you walk those streets of gold with Granddad and loved ones at one side and Jesus on the other, waiting for all of us to journey home.
    I love you all so much. God bless you in this time.