Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Daniel's Magic Platelets!!!

Hi All!
I am very excited to tell you that Dan made it through this platelet extraction yesterday like a champ!  He is with dad now at the hospital and they transfused the platelets this morning AND ........... his count FLEW up from a mere 1 to a MUCH better 15!!!!!!  This is excellent news!!!!  Dan said that he can already see a change in dad for the better!  The doctors, as I mentioned the other day are interested in exploring a new theory about why dad isn't making or keeping platelets and blood cells and it has to do with his spleen (or maybe if not, then his liver) there is a test that they want to run that goes from Monday thru Friday so, they need a bag of platelets from either Daniel or I on Sunday which they will treat with radioactive isotopes and then transfuse them to dad.  Then each day of the Monday thru Friday run they are going to scan him and the platelets will be visible to them and they will be able to tell if the spleen is potentially our roadblock or not.  We will find out tomorrow from the doctors whether they want my cells or dan's for the important Sunday donation and whichever of us it isn't will donate on Friday to keep him going.  So, we will let you know more when we hear from them!
In the meantime - here are the pics from Dan's extraction, his bag of liquid gold, and Dan while they are being transfused to Dad!

That is really the only news to report other than the fact that last night and this morning he was acting more and more "out of it" - not able to stay awake, moving his arms all around in sort of tremors, talking in his sleep - but Dan just told me that those symptoms have improved since the transfusion - thank GOD!  So, I will update again tomorrow with more news- until then please pray for further increase in Dad's platelet count and also for the numbers to HOLD! Love to all!


  1. Dan great Job! Peb I am glad Dan's "liquid gold" has perked you up. Now that you have those wonderful platelets in you go take a lab or two around the unit. :)
    All my Love,

  2. OOPs. I meant "lap" but you could take a walk around a lab maybe. Lol