Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hi Everyone!
Well I just have to say:  we have the absolute BEST most AMAZING incredibly PHENOMENAL group of FAMILY and FRIENDS that ANYone could EVER EVER EVER hope to have!!!
And that is probably STILL an UNDERstatement! - That's TOUCHED and BLESSED we feel!!!  
We had an OUTSTANDING number of people show up on Friday and Saturday to donate platelets and blood for dad!!!  We can't possibly pull together a big enough THANK YOU to adequately express our gratitude!!  That said, I at least want to give everyone reading a nice picture show of our WARRIOR DONORS who traveled from far and wide to lend a helping hand or should I say a helping vein! ;)
The first to arrive on the scene Friday were mom's 4 friends from were work who were incredibly GRACIOUS to take a vacation day from work to drive in from the northshore to houston just to donate platelets and blood and then return home.  So, thank you so much to Elaine, Carmella, Evelina, and Cindy!!!  And among them we had a SUPER PLATELET PRODUCING MARVEL- Elaine's platelet count was the highest we have seen yet - a whopping 355!!!! She was able to donate TWO WHOLE bags and a bag of blood too!!! WOW!! Kudos to you Elaine - that is INCREDIBLE!!! thank you all SO SO SO much for coming in and helping us out in this incredible way!
Also, Rachel showed up to donate platelets with a giving heart and unfortunately fell upon some bad luck, poor thing she was cleared, stuck, extracting happily and her machine broke down :( - they had to take the needle out and then couldn't find a vein in her other arm to hook her to a new machine :( but we thank you all the same and more for all your trouble and you can trust they did NOT waste whatever you did get out and you still scored dad a single donor bag credit!! thank you so so much!
Then we had Daniel back for his second dedicated bag extraction - he made thru like a champ once again!
And next to arrive were Brannon and Terry who both donated with smiles and hearts of gold- as in bags of liquid GOLD ;)
Then the Foret family made their second appearance on the blood product donation scene and this time all three were cleared to donate platelets!!  YAY Forets!
We just want to say a HUGE HUGE thanks to all our friday donors - it was like a family and friends reunion at the blood bank ;) - go figure!  But just goes to show how your family and friends are really who come thru for you when the going gets rough and I get tears in my eyes every time i think about the incredible love and support all of you showed us in seriously tangible form- God Bless you all and THANK YOU more than words can express!!!
and wait - did you think that was all?!?! its NOT!!!!!! Saturday brought more LOVE and SUPPORT to the scene here in Houston at the Blood bank!  We had a FABULOUS group once again!!  Aunt Lisa drove in with Andrew and Amanda all the way from Destrahan - THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!  We knew aunt lisa would not be able to donate as she was with us at the wedding in the DR and we haven't passed that one year mark yet - but Amanda ended up not cleared past the pre-screen - so Andrew took the reins as head donor and did it like a champ and Lisa and Amanda cheered him on the whole way through!   Even got creative for the pic to send to dad!!! Which scored a Dudley Chuckle which is worth its weight in gold or platelets HA HA fun to play on words ;) We thank and love all of you for driving in to help in this amazing wonderful way!  
We also had dads two FABULOUS BUDDIES from way back WHEN and still ;) - Danny and Kory who both donated like CHAMPS!!!  We can't tell you how MUCH we love you guys and appreciate it more than you can know!  and Kory............. we didn't get our pinetree delivery.. just sayin' LOL!
In conclusion - you are all probably wondering if it would EVER come...... well, it was long but WOW there were SO SO SO many LOVED ones to thank and I didn't want anyone to mistake how MUCH we REALLY REALLY REALLY SUPER DUPER SUPER thank ALL OF YOU for your AMAZING INCREDIBLE PHENOMENAL FABULOUS OUTSTANDING support love commitment and DONATION of YOURSELF- literally - it mean SO MUCH MORE to us than you could possibly know - we are SO BLESSED and we THANK GOD for each and EVERY one of you being in our lives and showing us the TRUEST most AMAZING form of CHRISTIAN LOVE AND SUPPORT - you guys ROCK!  (someone is SURE to fed ex me a thesaurus by morning ;) ) Till morning.......... love to all!


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