Friday, October 1, 2010

Donation Center Details

I suppose I should have included all the donation center details ;)
We suggest calling to make an appointment 713-792-7777 the number is the same for both locations so you have to specify which you prefer and remember to tell them that it is a specific donation for Melvin Larsen - and that he is currently inpatient for Stem Cell Transplantation. Let me know if you have ANY other questions!!

Blood Donor Center - Holly Hall (this is where i donated and they were WONDERFUL!)
2555 Holly Hall Street
Houston, TX 77054
M-F - 10am- 7pm
S&S - 10am - 5pm
Free Parking Available

Blood Donor Center - Mays Clinic
Mays Clinic Building Floor 2, near the Tree Sculpture, ACB (connected to the main building by sky walk)
1220 Holcombe Blvd
Houston, TX 77030
Parking validated upon request for Mays Clinic Garage
M-F 10am- 5pm

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