Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day +58

Hi Everyone,
Well, to catch everyone up from where we left off yesterday - Dad's platelet count of course went from a 1 to a 15 after Dan's platelets were transfused, then by the time his nightly count was taken it was back down to a 10, then they gave him another single donor bag transfusion last night and this morning his count was an 8.  So, he is having another transfusion today (and maybe another tonight).
The doctors said that I will be the one to donate the platelets on Sunday for them to treat with the radioactive isotopes for the test that begins Monday.  And so, Dan will be doing another bag for dad tomorrow in the meantime.  So, Bradley and I will be headed to Houston on Saturday and then my appointment is at 12:15 on Sunday for the extraction.  Please pray that Daniel's extraction tomorrow goes as smoothly and uneventfully as last time and please pray for mine on sunday to go smoother than my last one :) 
Tomorrow our cousin Brannon and uncle Terry are going to be going to donate single donor bags of platelets for dad!!  We want to thank them so so so much!!!!  Also, our uncle Gary and cousin Jen are both going to try and donate single donor bags for dad tomorrow and we want to thank them!! hopefully i will have some pics of all of them and dan to post tomorrow!  Also, we want to send a HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you out to Jen for getting her principal at the school where she teaches to approve holding a blood drive for dad!!!!!!!!!!  This is SUCH great news and we are SO thankful to Jen for taking the initiative to do that!!  xoxo
Also, Diane and Lenny are already signed up to donate platelets for dad on Monday - so we are excited about that and i will hopefully get pics to post! :) 
I just spoke on the phone with dad and I am SO happy to say that he sounded more "NORMAL" than I have heard him sound in DAYS!!!  He said he and Dan have already gone on TWO walks - YAY!!! Please please please pray that that improvement keeps up and holds!!  Because the last two days he has been 100% NOT himself - totally out of it and it was REALLY scary to see :( In fact, he didn't even understand that mom had gone home until the subject was re-visited this morning - pretty freaky :(  which by the way, mom made it home safely and is at work today trying to catch up on a zillion things today and tomorrow and then she will be returning to houston on satruday.  So, please pray for us all to have safe travels.
That is all we have to report for now but i will keep you posted - and love to all!
ps- i know that that post must have had to have a RECORD number of run-on sentences - LOL! oh well our brains are NOT all functioning at 100% these days ;)

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