Monday, October 11, 2010

My Second Donation for the Radioactive Isotope Treatment test!

Hey Everyone!
Well, yesterday I donated for my second time so that they can take my platelets and treat them with radioactive isotopes - they are scheduled to transfuse them into dad today and then scan him today and everyday  now thru friday to track and see my lil platelets inside of him - where they are going and where the problem is happening inside of him...... the docs are suspecting his spleen as the culprit and this test should give us that answer!  Dad's platelets have held over the last day a LITTLE better than the last few, so we are hoping that is some sort of good sign - we will see what comes over the next few!  I think it must be all those AMAZING single donor bags from all of our donation WARRIORS this weekend!!!!
Last I spoke to mom a few minutes ago the new set of docs had still not yet made it to the room, but as soon as they do and we know anything else I will post :) 
As far as, dad's overall update- he is still really wiped out and out of it - we have a hard time keeping him awake long enough to answer questions, make decision, etc - the docs keep telling us that this is all part of the same same problem as the blood and platelets and that they believe when they find the answer to that and fix it, that all the other symptoms will fall in line as well.  That is OBVIOUSLY what we are hoping for as well!  Because lately Dudley is just not the Dudley we all know so well - and if you have happened to talk to him over the last week I'm sure you have noticed bouts of that - we can't WAIT to have him back to his OLE' self ;).
We will keep you updated and please please keep the WARRIOR prayers coming and coming and COMING!!!  And make those prayers for him, for his docs- their discernment, and for our family - this has been really tough and we need the prayers for strength and encouragement :) We love you all!!!


  1. My dearest Peb it is time to step into Rock mode and give this everything that is in you. We all know you have a lot of fight in you. When you are passionate about something you tackle it with gusto. Know that your recovery is right around the corner. You just need to keep up the fight. We are all on the sidelines cheering you on and keeping all of you in constant prayer. I can't wait to come back to Houston and see you up and about.
    All my love,

  2. Thank you so much Lisa - !!! we will read this to dad!! xoxo thank you so much for the prayers and thank you for yall's donation this weekend!!