Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thank you SO much to Aunt Diane!!!

Hi All!
Well, as I mentioned yesterday - my aunt diane has joined the gracious platelet donating troops!! :) She had her appointment yesterday and fared just fine :) She did mention that her lips went numb/ tingling and then we later learned that Bobbie's did too and neither of them mentioned it to the nurse- i mention this b/c if you happen to donate and have that happen to you it is a normal side effect having to do with a drop in your calcium due to the anti-coagulant meds they have you on during the extraction.  Definitely let them know if it starts to happen to you and they will give you some tums to bring your calcium back up and the tingling/ numbness in your lips or fingertips should subside :)  Anyway we just want to send diane a HUGE thank you for helping us in this incredible way :) WE LOVE YOU and we APPRECIATE it SO SO much!!! xoxo
As for an update on dad, he is getting up and around much much more these last couple of days which is GREAT! and the docs want him to continue increasing his physical activity- so, if you speak with him - encouragement welcome!! :)
As for his counts there is not much change- he did get his platelet level up to 10 yesterday evening after a single donor bag of platelets, but this morning it was back down to a 3..... So, we gotta keep those single donor bags coming for him :) Today Daniel is on the road headed to Houston and he has an appointment at 4pm today to donate his platelets for dad as a dedicated bag!!  We have high hopes for what Dan's specific platelets can do for dad given that he and i are his closest genetic matches - so please say some prayers for Dan that he makes it thru the extraction like a champ and that his cells work WONDERS for dad!!! 
Oh and we have heard that there are many many folks driving in this weekend to GRACIOUSLY donate more single donor bags of platelets for dad - we can't tell you how much this incredible out-pouring of support from our family and friends means to us - we feel SO SO SO BLESSED to have all of you in our lives!!!  And please if you come in this weekend (or anytime) please try and let us know so that we can attempt to keep track of the credits he should have coming his way :) Also, if you don't mind we would LOVE to have a pic of you "in donating action" and a pic of your beautiful liquid gold donation bag!!! You can email or mms/text them to me- pics from your camera on your phone work just great!  I would love to post them here and get the chance to thank you for what you are doing for dad! :) And Kory et Krewe- feel free to be creative and deliver some laughs with your photos ;-) you guys give us such incredible healing in the way of comic relief  :-)
That's all for now - i will have some pics of dan in action for the next post! :) Love to all!

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