Thursday, June 24, 2010

He's FREE!!!!!!!!

Mom is on her way to go pick dad up right now and bring him HOME SWEET HOME!!! HOORAY!!!!!
Thank you SOOO much for everyone's thoughts, prayers, and support during this time!!! Love you ALL!


  1. Jessica - How wonderful! That is such good news. I am so happy that Melvin was provided with great care right at home for this "little bump". I do believe that Melvin will be soooooo happy to eat some real home cooking as I believe that he was not too fond of the hospital food (I am on my fourth week of this food). We are praying for a contined positive path, albeit with a few bumps that come with the territoy that are all resolved. Claudia

  2. GOD IS GOOD! ^_^ I'm so happy for your dad and your family! YAY!!!