Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day...... we got some answers at least

One of dad's blood cultures came back positive for infection and it just so happens that the antiobiotic that treats the particular infectoion was the one that the doc put dad on yesterday so we are hoping that after a really bad day of fevers yesterday that today will look better!  His temp is already coming down and we are hoping that it will FINALLY break today!  As for going forward we are not sure at what point they will consider letting him go home but we will keep you posted!
Happy Father's Day to all you papa's out there!


  1. Jessica - What hospital? My father was readmitted on Monday to St. Tammany and will be here for probably another two weeks in the rehab unit (PT & OT). I am staying with him, so I am here as well. Let me know if you need anything as we know plenty of the hospital docs! Capiche? I am every bit as agressive as you and Mom. Claudia

  2. Hey Claudia!
    I'm sorry to hear that your dad is in the hospital again - i will keep you both in my prayers.
    I know you ended up finding him since you were there when i called the other day ;)