Friday, June 4, 2010

Back to the MD Anderson routine ;)

Well, mom and dad arrived safely back in Houston yesterday and had appointments with both of his doctors.  Both are very pleased with his progress and his blood work and say that he is doing very well!! :)  He checked back in as an inpatient yesterday afternoon - the only room that they had available was an isolation room and they are hoping to be able to switch him today to a normal one as the isolation ones do not have a guest bed, so mom had to go and sleep at Bobbie's house last night.  He has begun treatment and so far, so good, no bad reactions, no fever!! Dad is in good spirits and doing well!  The anticipated check out date for him is looking like Monday - which is GREAT news and they will stay that night at Bobbies (and have SOFT-SHELLED CRABS - i am SOOOOOOOOO JEALOUS!!!) Then they will head back to Madisonville Tuesday morning.
Please say prayers that there continue to be NO complications and that everything goes according to plan and schedule!
Dan and I should be receiving our HLA testing kits in the mail today or tomorrow so that we can bring them to our local doc offices and have the blood drawn for testing - I have never been so anxious for the mail to GET HERE!! ;) As much as i DESPISE needles as most of you know- i am SO EXCITED to have this test, because i am praying SOOOO hard for one of us to be a match for him!!!!!!  Please join me in those continued prayers!!
Will be updating you again soon!
Love to all!


  1. Jessica,
    I am so glad that things are going so well. I will be praying with you that you or Daniel are a match. I'm so hoping that things stay on this current smooth course. You all certainly deserve that. Love, Carolyn

  2. Jessica -

    Rest assussred that many prayers are being said for the continued progress for Melvin and for one absolutely incredible match from either you or Dan. Everyone so appreciates your keeping us updated on this journey! Keep the faith darhlin', we are all praying.


  3. thanks so much claudia for your unfailing support!!