Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The kits FINALLY arrived!!

Today I FINALLY got my kit in the mail!!!!  So, after saying some very serious prayers to be a match and to have a good experience at the lab, I rushed out to the lab to have my blood drawn :) - I had a wonderful experience and the lab tech was AMAZING and totally Heaven Sent!!  Then I went straight to Fed Ex to ship them off and they went out today and will arrive back at MD Anderson by tomorrow!!! I am continuing to pray that it will be God's Will for me to be a match for my dad!!!  It is all in His Faithful Hands now :) 
I also heard from mom that Dan's kit came in today as well and I believe he is trying to go and get his blood drawn this evening too - So, please say prayers for him as well!!
We will OF COURSE keep everyone posted as SOON as we hear ANYTHING!  Thank you again for all your love, support, and PRAYERS!!!


  1. Have faith Jesica! God will provide and protect. You have been and continue to be so strong. We are all praying for that perfect match for Melvin. Keep us posted. We are all behind Melvin, Maureen, Dan and you.


  2. Ohhhh! This is so great! My prayers are still with all of you!! ^_^

  3. Thank you SO much Claudia and Kaysee!!!!! I will keep you all posted - i just checked the tracking and my blood samples have been delivered to MDA already!!! :)