Monday, July 19, 2010

FINALLY we have new NEWS!

Hey Everyone!
Long time no update - I know... but, we have been waiting a VERY long time for an update and info from MD Anderson!
So, here is the latest:
Dad needs to complete 2 rounds of Rituxan Chemo (pretty mild variety and doesn't have to be in the hostpital for it) before starting the stem cell transplant protocol.  So, he is going to do the first in Covington at his oncologist's office on Thursday of this week.  Then he will need to be back in Houston by Monday July 26th - Sunday is actually preferable according to MDA but we are trying to work out those details.  He will need to do the 2nd run of chemo as well as a huge list of tests etc.  Then he will check-in as an inpatient at MDA on Tuesday August 3rd to begin the stem cell protocol.  The stem cell donor is turning over his cells on the 9th of August and they will transfuse dad with them on August 10th.  As far as we know so far he will be an inpatient at the hospital for about 1 month.  After he is discharged from the hospital the 100 days living near the hospital will begin.  AND - speaking of that - we have AMAZING news on that front; Dad's cousin Mike has MOST GENEROUSLY offered for us to use his condo that is 12 minutes from the hospital for this whole time period!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about God answering some SERIOUS prayers!!!!  We cannot in a million years thank Mike ENOUGH!!!!!!!
Well that is the update for now - I will be posting regularly again as soon as we get to Houston and the ball "gets rollin" so to speak ;) 
Love to everyone and thank you again for keeping up the prayers - GOD IS SO GOOD!!!


  1. This is such GREAT news Jessica. So glad he has found a donor!!!!

  2. Thanks Robin! Yes - GOD is SO GOOD!

  3. Jessica - What great news! Saw Dad at Church on Saturday and he looks great. I know that he will welcome this news. He was anxious to get a schedule. Fr. Frank and all my friends at St. Anselm continue to pray for the successful completion of this journey. I will also pass this information on to Dr. Irfana Khan-Salam, his doctor from St. Tammany. She wil be so pleased to know that he is on the way for the stem cell transfer. Thank you, as always, for keeping us posted. Claudia

  4. Thanks as always for the prayers Claudia! We sure are excited!!