Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Well, I got here early enough today to see the docs and that was good, but honestly they don't talk much... even when asked questions directly!  Dad didn't sleep all that well last night and seems very tired today and just over-all not feeling as well.  The docs looked at his foot this morning and said that they were happy with the progress- that the swelling had retracted some and that there was less redness which they took to be a GOOD sign!  However, his fever did spike again through the night and broke again this morning, and they would like to see him not run fever tonight!  So, please pray for that!!  As far as our check-out date from MDA it is looking like it will not be tomorrow like we originally thought- there is a drug that he has to take at the very end of all of these chemo cycles that he has not taken before and it won't be administered till tomorrow due to the schedule of all the meds and they will need to watch him for a bit after giving it to him.  That paired with the fact that I think they would like to see him make it through a night without fever will mean that Friday is probably the earliest that we will be checking out but we will know much more about that tomorrow when the docs come back and when we see if he runs fever or not tonight!
 SO, please keep up the prayers and please pray specifically for him to feel better and to NOT run a fever tonight!!
Love to all and I will try and update again a little later :)


  1. Hang in there Melvin! We are praying for you and your family at Isabel Baptist Church, its small but we have an Awesome God!!!

  2. Thank you SO much - Prayer is our MOST powerful tool!! :)