Thursday, April 29, 2010

Looks like we will be at the Chateau MD Anderson a bit longer than we thought....

Well, dad had fever again last night and his foot still looks really bad... but he did get some pretty good sleep last night which was a good thing!  The docs came in the morning and said that while he is finished with his last chemo drugs as of this afternoon he will have to stay in the hospital till at least Monday or Tuesday.  This is honestly better than them letting us leave prematurely, for us to get settled at Bobbie's only to have to come right back.  So, while we aren't "excited" to stay longer we are looking forward to getting to the bottom of the "foot mystery".  We also saw one of the infectious disease doctors in addition to the ones we see every morning - so far, no one has a clue what is really going on with the foot.  They tweeked his antibiotics once more and he should be getting an MRI of the foot this evening (tomorrow morning at the latest).  So, that is the progress - hopefully after the scan we will have more answers and I will of course keep everyone posted!
As for my arrangements Dan and Mom are taking care of extending my hotel room reservation through Tuesday which is a huge blessing!  Also, I am happy to report that if all goes well my AMAZING husband, Bradley will be coming into town tomorrow evening along with our ADORABLE puppy Chachi and they will be staying with me for the weekend - I have been SERIOUSLY missing my boys and I CANNOT wait to see them!!!!!!!! 
Love to all - keep up those prayers!

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