Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Paging Dr. Frustration.....

Well, unfortunately dad's foot is looking worse as the day has gone on today and so I decided to speak up a little louder and have the nurse page the doctor to come and look at it.  She was very nice and was able to get a doc in to look at it - he agreed it looked worse and we told him (again) about the fever spiking every night- which seems to be starting earlier and earlier each night.  His response was to have dad get a sonogram done on it tomorrow and have the infectious diseases doctor consult with us in the morning.  We are frustrated that it has taken so much time and so many questions to get them to do "SOMETHING" but at least the wheels seem to be in motion now.  He mentioned that we may possibly need to have a surgeon drain it - we will see tomorrow.  We will also see how the fever plays out tonight.  I also sent an email to his other leukemia specialist doctor to make sure she has been kept in the loop and to see if she had any further insight to offer us, while she did reply promptly which is nice, she didn't have much different to say other than to note that since his white blood cell counts are so low the antibiotics have a much harder time working efficiently and that the fever may not respond to the medication for 48-72 hours from their beginning (which for this new one was yesterday) so we shall see!
Dad has been REALLY REALLY sleepy all day and is catching some sleep right now- which is a GOOD thing!
Please keep up the prayers for dad's resiliency and for his foot and fever!!  We are really praying for positive progress tomorrow and for some more answers! 
Thanks and love to you ALL!


  1. Good going Jessica! Keep pushing to make sure Melvin is OK. He is soooooo lucky to have you there. We are all praying for Melvin (and you). Remember - the squeaky wheel gets the oil!

    Take care!


  2. Just got off the phone with Mel, he told me about how you took care of everything today :) Thanks for doing such a great job! Miss you both!

  3. thanks claudias!
    and we miss you too mom xoxo

  4. Jessica,
    I certainly hope that your dad has a better day today. So sorry about his foot and the fever. He is so blessed to have such a caring and devoted daughter. Love, Carolyn