Tuesday, April 27, 2010

back online!

Sorry for the delay - I have had some difficulty with the internet connection at the hospital today but we are up and running now :)   I moved hotels today and want to thank my FABULOUS brother for setting it all up and getting it for us - it is beautiful!  
Dad is doing well, feeling well, still no fever- but his left foot is really swollen and discolored.  The docs aren't exactly sure what is causing it but they switched his antibiotics again to see if it will help - So, please say prayers that we see some improvement in his foot by tomorrow!!  
We went for our daily walk around the floor earlier and that was nice, he will be ordering dinner soon and then we will be watching the dancing with the stars results show ;) 
Love you all!!


  1. Jessica -- I just wanted to say thank you for your daily postings. It helps Samantha better understand and makes her feel good that she knows she can get online and read that "Uncle Pebble" is doing OK. Please let him know that we think about him daily and give him a special kiss from his sister-in-law and his niece. Love to all of you!!! Mary

  2. Oh good, Mary - and thanks to you both for all the support and prayers :) we love you guys!!