Monday, July 26, 2010

Mom and Dad are safely settled in Houston!

Hi All!
Mom and Dad arrived at the condo in Houston yesterday safe and sound!  The condo is SO cool - and again we are SO thankful to Dad's cousin Mike for making it available to us for the duration of dad's treatment in TX - such a HUGE BLESSING!!!!!
Dad has a day FULL of all sorts of tests and appointments today and I will update you guys later on any important results or news that may come out of any of them :) - Mostly, it is all just lead-up to his check-in date next week - blood tests, x-rays, ekg's, etc :) 
Bradley and I will be headed to Houston on Friday as soon as Bradley gets off of work and we will be spending the weekend with them at the condo, then on Sunday Mom and Bradley will both be headed home and back to work and I will be staying with Dad.
Love to everyone - please keep the prayers coming as we enter into this long and scary adventure- that we are Believing God for GOOD from!!  We are counting on this beginning the count-down till dad is CANCER FREE!


  1. Jessica,
    I hope that all goes well tomorrow with your dad's tests and appointments. I talked to Bradley a couple of times tonight and am glad that your weekend went so well.

  2. Hugs back at ya Mama-C! The appointments did go well - today we are just waiting for a bed to be ready for him so that we can get him checked in :)